Traveling to canada

A passport is required for citizens of the United States to travel to Canada, and to re-enter the country.

If you are planning to drive, you must produce a passport, passport card or NEXUS card that allows expedited border crossings for both private and commercial travelers through Canadian and U.S. border controls.

For more information, visit the U.S. State Department website.

Fun facts

Vancouver is so famous for being one of the world's "most livable cities" that it's regularly cited as one of the top examples whenever "liveable" cities are discussed. 

The most famous landmark in Vancouver is Stanley Park. Located on the Downtown Vancouver peninsula and covering over 400 hectares (1000 acres), Stanley Park attracts both tourists and locals with its multiple attractions, including the famous Seawall (a paved pathway for biking, running or walking that runs around the park's rugged coastline) and the Stanley Park Totem Poles (the most-visited attraction in British Columbia). The park is also home to beaches, hiking trails, and the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver is famous for its fresh, local seafood, especially its salmon. Pacific Northwest salmon--including BC salmon--is shipped to every part of the world, but it's best when you can enjoy it here, fresh off the boat. You can taste the best local seafood and salmon at Vancouver's best seafood restaurants and sushi restaurants.

If you really love salmon, plan a day trip to Steveston Village in Richmond, the city just south of Vancouver. Steveston was once the "salmon capital of the world" and offers tours of its historic cannery and heritage boats. 

Vancouver is famously known as "Hollywood North" for its billion-dollar film and TV industry; many, many of your favorite movies and TV shows are or were filmed in and around Metro Vancouver. Famous movies filmed in Vancouver include four films in the Twilight Saga (New MoonEclipseBreaking Dawn Parts I & II), three X-Men films (X2X-Men: Last StandX-Men Origins: Wolverine), Night at the Museum, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Famous TV shows shot in Vancouver include multiple superhero shows (ArrowThe FlashSmallville), the X-Files, and MacGyver

The athleisure trend started with the granddaddy of all athleisure, Lululemon, a Vancouver-based company that launched in Kitsilano in 1998.

Occupy Wall Street, the protest movement that made headlines in 2011, started in Vancouver, via the local magazine Adbusters.

Greenpeace, the famous environmental activists, began in Vancouver in 1971.

Vancouver is famous for its marijuana ("BC bud"). If you're interested in Vancouver's pot scene, start at the Pot Block in Downtown Vancouver (basically, the area right around the famous New Amsterdam Cafe). 

Vancouver is famous for its rain. It rains about 160 days a year here, which is about 40% of the year, and it can rain for days in a row. So, yes, it rains a lot. 


July is the hottest month, with an average high of 64°F (18°C).

January is the coldest month, with an average high of 39°F (4°C).


Exchange Rate: $1 CAD = $0.75 USD

Canadian dollar coins are called "loonies;" two dollar coins are called "toonies."

Paper bills are in denominations of $100, $50, $20, $10 and $5.

You can dodge high exchange fees by withdrawing Canadian money directly from an ATM in Vancouver.

getting Around

No Uber or Lyft in Vancouver. But there are taxis.

Taxis fares from the airport to downtown Vancouver cost roughly CA$28 to CA$36 (about $22 to $28).

The best ways to get around Vancouver are on foot, by bike and via public transportation.

Vancouver's transit system TransLink is affordable and reliable, with an extensive system of buses, ferries, and Skytrain lines. Monthly, weekly, and daily passes are available and 90-minute passes can be bought onboard transit with exact change ($2.95 for adults). Use contactless Visa or buy a Compass pass for $6 from 711s and London Drugs; it can be loaded with money to use during your visit.

Getting into town from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is also easy: you can use the Canada Line rail system or you can hop in a cab.

The airport is located about 6 miles southwest of the city center.