Captain's Welcome Letter

The 2019 season is upon us and I’m so thrilled and ready to kick off this season with everyone!

We have an amazing Leadership of Committee Members and Coaches who have all been hard at work during our off season and we’ve prepared another exciting year of events and races that I’m sure will provide for more amazing experiences and memories with our team.

As we continue onward past our 15 year anniversary milestone, your XG Leadership and I have a renewed sense of commitment to appreciate and honor our humble beginnings and will continue to prioritize and focus on our Mission Statement:

To endorse and continuously encourage a way of life:

A mentality which allows us to believe life is not just to be, but to create.

A mindset which understands that boundaries are imaginary, and that we are reality.

A mindset backed by heart and determination.

A mentality when mentioned, is considered… TOO STRONG.

We’ll continue to foster growth and strengthen what makes our team so special - our undeniably passionate and resilient FUN spirit backed by our family bonds. And because I’m a child at heart, I’ll reference my favorite Disney character, Stitch, as I share that I genuinely consider this team my XG dragon boat ohana... family. With this team, this family, no one gets left behind or forgotten.

We’re one family bound together by the amazing experiences of the dragon boat sport. This season I know we’ll work together to achieve new successes and create new memories, and we’ll remember each other at the forefront of our efforts as we lift each other up and reach new heights with our competitions and challenges for 2019.

Aloha, XG! See you on the water!

Captain Tina

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