our 2017 season is about to start

and our new Captain and Head Coach have a few words of inspiration just for YOU!

Capt. Ray says...

Capt. Ray says...

It is a great honor to be chosen to represent X-Generals as the 2017 Team Captain. We have a great Committee who have loaded our season with a ton of events. Combined with our Head Coach Maggie and the coaching staff, it's definitely going to be another exciting season!

Our team vision this season is #WeAreOne:


Whenever we are out on the water paddling our hearts out, we paddle together as ONE BOAT.

Whether we win or lose, through good times and bad, we shall go through it together as ONE TEAM.

We will create special moments and build lasting bonds as ONE FAMILY.

This is the heart and soul of #WeAreOne.

Now I invite everyone to come check us out and paddle with us! From the recreational to the competitive, we welcome all to come meet the XG Family firsthand and experience what #WeAreOne is all about!

"For the strength of the paddler is the boat, and the strength of the boat is the paddler"

Hello Paddlers!

I’m honored to be your head coach for this season and I look forward to an exciting year of new memories, fun, laughter, and tears. We have a wonderful coaching staff that will be there every step of the way to help each paddler reach their full potential. My goal for this season is to develop your paddling technique and help you become great paddlers, push your limits on endurance, and test your mental focus out in the waters. I encourage all of you to set a goal for yourself and make it a point to accomplish it by the end of the season!

XG has a strong legacy...I mean just check out the "About" page on the x-generals.org website!! Let’s continue this legacy and paddle our hearts out! I know that we all have the desire, the passion and the strength to keep the momentum going and I welcome all the challenges that lie ahead. And I challenge you to do the same. I challenge you to come to each practice with a strong mental focus. I challenge you to come to each practice with a strong aspiration to improve your technique. And I challenge you to come to each practice with a strong desire to have fun, meet new people, and create your own lasting memories. At the end of the day, the medals are definitely nice to have but it’s the memories that make it worth coming back for more!

This year’s motto is One Boat, One Team, One Family #WeAreOne. I want to share a personal story that is reminiscent of this vision and which also made me an #XGFORLIFE. It was my second year paddling, and we were at the 2015 San Francisco’s International Dragon Boat Festival. We were at the starting line for one of the races and we had some down time because we were waiting for the other boats to arrive. It was really quiet because we were all focused… I remember looking around and thinking to myself that I will never experience this moment with anybody else other than my fellow teammates on this boat. I also remember thinking that we all trained so hard to be where we're at, and at that moment, I felt so proud to be part of XG. My heart swelled up and I knew nothing else mattered but us. This is the feeling that I will remember forever. I wholeheartedly believe that we are and will always be one boat, one team, one family #WeAreOne.

Let’s do this XG family, one practice at a time!

...says Head Coach Maggie

...says Head Coach Maggie