Awesome accomplishment at the 7th Annual San Diego Dragon Boat Festival, taking silver in both the Mixed A 250m and Mixed B 500m races.  I am proud of our wins and extremely proud of the improvement and progress from every single one of our paddlers starting with the first race on Saturday to our last race on Sunday.  We got stronger and more focused with each and every race. . . and we are #NotDoneYet!

~ Head Coach Linda

In the end, our sweat, tears, and laughter made this yet another fun and unforgettable weekend, earning us the SPIRIT award 2 years in a row.

What a way to start the season!  Our muscles are sore and we've lost our voices but it was all worth it to be able to bring home some hardware AND the Spirit Award from the San Diego race.  Just another fun XG weekend both on and off the water!  Can't wait for the next one in a couple of weeks on our very own Long Beach waters, because we are #NotDoneYet!

~ Capt. Christy

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