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DRAGON BOAT 101: How to paddle

Here they are! X-Generals' really snazzy, super-high production value training videos.

Watch them, and they'll magically transform you into a super-duper paddler through optical osmosis....


X-Generals Dragon Boat Team - "Dragon Boat Basics" (Full-length version)


Don't have time to watch the above video in one sitting?

No problem! We got you covered by dissecting the video into easily digestible segments. Painful for the video, awesome for you!


© 2014 XG Productions and X-Generals Media. All videos directed/edited by Elyse Molina & Matt Vong, written by Anthony Chow. Special thanks to Jason Wong, Benny Chan, Lee Vo, Linda Lui, Kyle Lu, Ivy Cheng, Sunny Cheng, X-Generals, & SCDBC.