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Our Mission

Our mission is to endorse and continuously encourage a way of life:

A mentality which allows us to believe life is not just to be, but to create.

A mindset which understands that boundaries are imaginary, and that we are reality.

A mindset backed by heart and determination.

A mentality when mentioned, is considered...



X-Generals Dragon Boat Team is a competitive-recreational dragon boat racing team based in Long Beach, CA.

Formed in October 2003 as a continuation of the former General Bank Corporate Dragon Boat Team (thus the name "X-Generals"), our team is a diverse crew made up of people from all walks of life, who are looking to stay active, push their limits, and be a part of an incredible community.


Since our inception, X-Generals has always been about challenging ourselves to be better, being competitive without losing sight of how to have fun, as well as introducing others to the sport of Dragon Boat Racing.

Our team motto is "We Are One". #weareone.

One Team. One Family. One Boat.

As a non-profit organization, X-Generals Dragon Boat Team is supported entirely by our members and the generosity of our friends, families, and sponsors.

Promoting the sport and community of dragon boat racing is a responsibility every paddler in the world willingly shares. Your donation helps our team accomplish this worthwhile endeavor here at home, and wherever our paddles take us.

XG’s evolution through our Team Photos

Over the years, X-Generals Dragon Boat Team has continuously evolved, reinvented itself and forged ahead. Some have remained with our team through thick and thin, others have left to seek personal glory, and still others have heeded the call of life to pursue different endeavors. Through all the ebbs and flows, the highs and lows, our journey has never lacked for passion and excitement.

...and the journey continues