2018 Team Captain - Ray

2018 Team Captain - Ray

+ Team Captain's Message +

It is a great honor to be chosen to represent X-Generals as the 2017 Team Captain. We have a great Committee who have loaded our season with a ton of events. Combined with our Head Coach Maggie and the coaching staff, it's definitely going to be another exciting season!

Our team vision this season is #WeAreOne:


Whenever we are out on the water paddling our hearts out, we paddle together as ONE BOAT.

Whether we win or lose, through good times and bad, we shall go through it together as ONE TEAM.

We will create special moments and build lasting bonds as ONE FAMILY.

This is the heart and soul of #WeAreOne.

Now I invite everyone to come check us out and paddle with us! From the recreational to the competitive, we welcome all to come meet the XG Family firsthand and experience what #WeAreOne is all about!

"For the strength of the paddler is the boat, and the strength of the boat is the paddler"

   2018 Head Coach - Hew

2018 Head Coach - Hew

+ Head Coach's Message +

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